Women's Rights Advocate



Gaea Powell, Founder, Breast Thermography Specialist

Graduate of the International Academy Clinical Thermography and Academy of Medical Infrared Training. 

Breast Thermography is an empowering screening option for women of all ages.  I am passionate about sharing my personal experiences of utilizing Breast Thermography for over 20 years.  I do not live in fear.

I received my first Thermogram after my best friend, and mother Johnnie Jo died of breast cancer at 49.  I was in my early 30's.   After helplessly witnessing my mother’s horrible experience, I was determined to find ways to protect myself from the same fate.

I extensively researched the medical options for the early detection of breast cancer.  I was not impressed. Mammograms were not for me.  Why would  I allow my delicate breast tissue to be repeatedly exposed to ionizing radiation known to cause cancer and to be traumatized by mechanical compression that could spread cancer if it were present?   I could not imagine crossing my fingers and just hoping for the best.  I was fortunate to discover Thermography and I continue to exercise my right to choose the best options for me. 

The peace-of-mind my thermovascular "Profile" provides is invaluable, allowing me the opportunity to work with my doctor in monitoring, and addressing physiological changes in my breasts when needed.

In 2009, I founded Central Coast Thermography, and have now expanded nationally.  We have provided Thermograms for hundreds of women and we work with many MDs, NDs, ODs, DCs, OBGYNs...who utilize Thermography.

The women I have imaged are truly inspirational.  When Thermograms indicate a problem, women tend to make significant changes in their lifestyle choices to reduce their risk  and reverse the disease process.  I have also imaged  women whose mammograms were negative for decades.  Their  first Thermograms sadly detected a high risk that led to a cancer diagnosis.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to share the important benefits of Thermography.

I have now returned to the Central Coast after working with Dr. Mercola at to help spread the word about Thermography and preventative strategies on a national level.  I look forward to continuing my mission in helping to educate others regarding Thermography and the importance of being your own healthcare advocate.

Please feel free to contact me at (805) 441-5557.