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A Breast Expose' The Breast Kept Secret



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Are Mammograms a Scam?  You Decide.  A Breast Expose' provides an opportunity to hear from world renown Optimal Whole Health and Wellness leaders: Joseph Mercola, Ben Johnson, MD, ND, Oncologist, Julie Taguchi, MD, Oncologist, Joseph Mercola, DO, Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Veronique Desaulniers, DC, David Marquis, DC, Philip Getson, DO, Duncan Turner, MD OBGYN, Christine Horner, MD, Breast Surgeon, Judy Dean, MD Radiologist, Joel Wallach, ND, Shelly Redford Young, Author, Jonathan Emord, Esq., G. Edward Griffin...and a few local women who share their stories. 

Learn How to Protect Your Breasts and Focus On Optimal Whole Health

Demand full disclosure regarding the risks vs. benefits of all your screening and treatment options as well as unfettered access to all those options.  Protect your rights and your life.  Create a new paradigm: education, prevention and healing.



Provides Physiological Data to Monitor Over Time

Is it wise to wait for a mammogram to finally discover a well established tumor?  Millions of women utilize Breast Thermography to monitor temperature changes in their breasts.  Infrared imaging provides physiological data that may indicate increased inflammation and/or blood flow that can lead to disease and/or alert us to disease development. 

Thermograms = No Dangerous Radiation or Compression

The fact is, Mammograms can cause cancer and spread it if a tumor is present.  Studies conclude having a mammogram increases your risk for cancer and the compression can metastasize existing cancer.  Studies also conclude, Mammogram do not decrease ultimate mortality rates, not even by 1%!

Safe and Effective for All Breast Types

Thermography is effective for women of all ages and all breast types (including Dense Breasts and for Implants). 

Thermograms Speak for Themselves

Please review Thermogram Case Studies in our Photo Gallery and Thermograms vs Mammograms presentation video.   Anyone can clearly see why Thermography is an essential tool.  Also alerting to cancers mammograms missed.  Partnering with a whole health practitioner who can guide in the reversal of inflammatory processes as well as healing strategies is optimal.  

Premiere Services

The cost is between $175 and $250 (Depending on Location).  We give you a quick review of your images during your appointment, you are then provided a report that includes a detailed evaluation of your unique thermal data, recommendations and all of your images (color and inverted gray scale).  

We are world leading experts specializing in Breast Thermography.

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Gaea Powell, BT Specialist

A Breast Expose' Movie Trailer

A Breast Expose' Movie Trailer

Breast Thermography Specialist with over a decade of experience and a Woman's Right to Know Advocate.


A Breast Expose' Movie Trailer

A Breast Expose' Movie Trailer

A Breast Expose' Movie Trailer

Exposing a failed paradigm, empowering women with safe, non-toxic options.  Also, holding those with a vested interest accountable. 


Thermography vs Mammography

A Breast Expose' Movie Trailer

Thermography vs Mammography

A brief presentation explaining the differences between physiological information and being told you already have cancer!

Dr Mercola Interviews Gaea Powell

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Is Thermography Proven?

Is Thermography Proven?

The high-resolution infrared thermal imaging technology was originally developed by the US Military and cannot be "patented" by those with a vested interest in the business of breast cancer. 

No physical contact is needed. To measure the infrared heat coming from the surface of the skin, the skin must be exposed to the air and infrared  camera.  Once the skin is cooled for 10 minutes, taking the images only takes moments. 

You can see the images for yourself!

Using specialized software , a doctor interprets the breast's temperatures, symmetry, vascularity, and physiology.  These findings are monitored for change over time.

Is Thermography Proven?

Is Thermography Proven?

Is Thermography Proven?

Breast thermography was approved as an adjunctive screening in 1982!  It provides an opportunity to monitor for physiological abnormalities years before anatomical screenings, like mammograms can usually detect a tumor.  Annual Thermograms are recommended for women of all ages and are effective for all breast types, including dense breasts and implants.


Mammography vs. Thermography

A mammogram is an anatomical test that utilizes radiation and compression to "mine" for tumors that already exist!

Thermograms are a physiological test that focuses on monitoring for changes over time. 

Comparing the two is like trying to compare having your temperature taken with a thermometer, to having a chest X-ray.


Is Thermography Proven?


We offer world leading Breast Thermography services in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey counties, imaging 1000s of women, for over a decade. 

Breast Thermography has over 40 years of clinical use and more than 800 reviewed studies in the medical literature having established thermography as a safe and effective means to monitor the breasts.  Over 300,000 women have been included as study participants.  Participants in many studies are very large ranging from 37,000 to 118,000 women.  

Investigation performed at prestigious medical teaching institutions such as Johns Hopkins University Medical School, have established normal values for the distribution of heat in each region of the body. Variation from these normal values are measured and correlated with suspected injuries or diseases in the same way a blood or urine laboratory study is interpreted.  

Since the pattern of surface heat reflects the interior structure, your physiological response can be viewed through thermography.  

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